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in this silly simulation

I wanna rage my dream

7/16/07 09:54 am

gone to japan.

silver_lined for further updates.

88la~ ♥

7/5/07 12:58 pm

So, uh, I guess this thing should be updated every now and then, and not just infomercial posts, no? XD Conveniently catagorised for your convenience!

Commissions updateCollapse )

Melbourne Skit group: ManiActsCollapse )

PoT HolidayCollapse )

JapanCollapse )

my birthdayCollapse )

I just tl;dr'd myself. XD Hohohoho, no updates for a while from me, now.

On the uh, 17th of July, I'm switching over to my travel journal, silver_lined. Because, well, however bad it gets away from home, every cloud has a silver lining, right? ;D Shut up, I am just that dorky sdgajheawj. Please to add if you'd like to hear about our doubtlessly life threatening hijinks. XD;

Was that all I wanted to say? I think so. :D;v 88la~

6/25/07 08:15 pm - we bit off more than we could chew :D;; this is us CHOKING ON THE BITTER BACKLASH.


So we underestimated.

We went to Spotlight today. Again. One of the girls there recognises us and flees when we approach the counter. Uh. Picked up MORE material. And various other things that we forgot to account for, like interfacing (homg, backboards, OH MY GOD.)

We're looking at adding $10 for the hakama, $5 for a proper yukata, nothing for the lining or haori. Will throw in tabi for anyone buying a full outfit because sdgaewj I am very very very sorry that we have to do this and I will sew on the plane and ship them back no cost if I have to. :E

Of course, people are more than free to pull out, no hard feelings given we changed the quoted price. XD;;; We're not holding anyone to anything previously said.

If you want to try making it yourselves, we'll give you the material at costprice as well as the patterns we use. They're not proper, trace the shape on the material and sew according to the lines patterns but uh, shoddy diagrams and calculations according to body measurements but it's not bad, I swear, once you make the first one. We made some alterations to the main patterns but can help in usage. They're fairly basic. :3 this time last year, we didn't know what we were doing either and it came out fine!

From us, it will cost for a full shinigami outfit (hakama + black yukata + white yukata) = $75, or if you go the fake lining route, $65.

Because uh, I feel really bad, here are some other options, pros and cons. There's the shinigami female outfit from ebay for about US $60, which comes with fake!hakama, fake!lining ( >> I'm fairly sure you could uh, semi-detatch it so you can still maintain the illusions of two robes instead of one with a very ovbiously fake THING, even if it would require some handywork) and a sash. That's likely your cheapest option, could be passable.

For about US$85 to $95, you can pick up a full captain's outfit, depending on the captain and the popularity. There are many Hitsugaya and I even saw a Matsumoto though please don't them as endorsements because we can't say anything about quality. However, these come complete with shoes and tabi and omake! We have no omake unless you want, uh, FMA chibis. XD; We have lots of those.

If you want to search for componants, you can get real hakama (like riding/kendo hakama with the pleats and backboards and whatever, if you want authenticity) for about $50 or so. Less if you search around and get lucky with your auctions. ;D

If you don't have an ebay account, both Jo and I do and will be happy to order them for you.

We do not mind losing business at all! :D;; Alternately, we would be more than pleased to make your costumes still should you not mind. So, tells us what you think and your decisions and if you'd rather not have it public (we accept bad name calling and such!) you can email us at here or here.

Once again, we are VERY VERY SORRY. D: Words cannot express the angst. sjdhawkhewe.

This post comes courtasy of starting commissions tonight and freaking the hell out over them. We should have uh, one pair of hakama done tonight all things considering for example if you think it's worth it given the extra price, and if you haven't seen our photos from last year.

If you're going the route of making your own, you can take a look and it's easier to figure out the pattern if you have an example. XD;;; For uh, anyone who can remember our woes and I swear this is only because Jo and I are retarded, everyone else should be fine. XD;;; (NO, REALLY REALLY RETARDED. XD;; WE CUT OUT LIKE, THE WRONG THINGS AND THE WRONG NUMBERS OF THINGS AND SEWED THINGS INSIDE OUT AND ASGWJEWJ XD XD XD There was something really wrong with us but you can learn from our examples and not cut the very important things you weren't meant to and have to start all over again sadghewhadsjjawe. XD;;) They're not the easiest patterns in the world to work with, but we'll step by step you through it all. ;Dv But, we are not recommending this to anyone without access to a sewing machine.

6/24/07 09:20 pm

Cut for ranty, foulmouthed capslocked blather. :D;; Not aimed at anyone who reads this, dear paranoid RL male, but uh. Oh my god.Collapse )

XD And uh. That said.

My super pretty, super useless but super fashionable Sony Vaio C31GH/W is finally in my grubby paws. ♥ It is blissful except I'm not quite sure what to name it. Tentatively, I've been calling her Priscilla after the uh, somewhat whacked out Claymore just because nicknaming it Prissy is somewhat amusing but Teresa would suit it better. >> Except you can't get a good nickname out of that. :D;

Babble about namesCollapse )

I might just call her Narcissa, or Cissy. >> She's that type.

Pictures to come when freaking Sony Ericsson updates its drivers for PC Suite on Vista and I can hook up the camera phone. ;D Also to come, a picture of my infamous x-men swimsuit, as shown on the display model because dschjasjkd ha, and a photo documentary of the various legwear as worn by me. ;Dv

In other news, if I were theoretically going to open a panfandom rpg based on OkCupid, who would join? ;D No, I swear, this isn't as bad as it sounds. No, really!Collapse )

Pst. :D; Anyone got a good name for the comm?

For my next trick, I'd like to tell y'all about boyverse but that is a post for fire_ban to make and deserves an entire page to itself. And then some. XD;

6/21/07 12:25 pm

I think I am dying from writing entirely too many Visa applications and uh, exams and oh my god, my eyes might be falling out and I had a measles vaccination and need a filling (my first ever!!) and life is angst. I need to reply to comments. XD; Will get around to that.

However! :D; Prior obligations come first so this is a post about Manifest Bleach Costume Commissions so uh, please do read if you're commissioning something from fire_ban and I.

info!!Collapse )

I had three hours of sleep last night. I think my head is going to explode and I still need to go see the Japanese consulate today. Wangst. D: AND the bank. sdjkahwjke.
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